Women Connect

Bi-Weekly Meeting for ALL Women

Women's support groupA women’s empowerment group where loving and supportive women come together discuss positive alterntives to some of life’s challenges.

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Meeting Time: 5:30PM – 7:00PM

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WOMEN CONNECT - Becoming Your Own Mentor
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 5:30PM - 7:00PM Are you good at giving advice? What about taking your own advice? It's easy to delve it out and almost impossible to follow it with accuracy. How can you develop a stronger sense-of-self and become your own mentor? Let's discuss and share ideas at ...
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 20, 5:30PM - 7:00PM In your busy world, how do you schedule time to dream, plan, and execute YOUR own wants, needs, and desires? Are you even on your list of priorities? Let's evaluate if you made the list and where you fit into your own 5 year ...
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Women Connect - Obsessions
Women Connect - Do you have something or someone who consumes your thoughts? Is this life controlling or just an annoyance? Let’s share and learn from each other. You just might pick up an alternative perception. A women’s group where loving and supportive women come together to cover life’s challenging issues ...
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knowing your worth
Women Connect - Are you aware of what makes you unique? Have you put a value on those traits? It's easy to identify what is wrong but let's take a look at what is right! A women's group where loving and supportive women come together to cover life's challenging issues ...
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Staying positive women connect
Women Connect - Negativity can be all around us - on the news, in the workplace, and even among our friends & family. How can you be the ray of sunshine in a sea of despair? Let's talk about that!   A women's group where loving and supportive women come ...
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Women Connect - Healthy Boundaries
Women Connect - Creating healthy boundaries does not mean putting up your walls it means creating fences so that you can protect yourself. It's easy to get pulled in a million directions and lose yourself in the process. Let's talk about healthy boundaries you have already created and some fencing ...
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Women Connect - Challenging Environments
Women Connect - We all have environments that challenge us. What types of situations do you try an avoid? What coping skills have you developed? Let's share our experiences and help each other through these difficult situations. A women’s group where loving and supportive women come together to cover life’s ...
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Women Connect - moving On
Women Connect - Moving on can be a stage where we get stuck. How can we settle our past to allow ourselves the freedom and peace of mind to move forward? We are going to be discussing this topic at the next Women Connect meeting. Won't you join us? A ...
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Women Connect - Overcoming Fear
Women Connect - What are you afraid of? Sometimes your fears can be imminent and sometimes they may be worry about what may or may not happen. Let's discuss your fears and how to overcome them. A women’s group where loving and supportive women come together to cover life’s challenging issues ...
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Women Connect - Trust & Faith
Women Connect - Are you still managing it all? What will it take for you to have faith and trust in the God's plan for you? Letting go and trusting that your faith in God is all you need may be a scary but rewarding step. A women’s group where ...
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