What Kind of Cookie Will You Be Today?

chocolate chip cookies

As a self-proclaimed Chocolate Chip, I pondered the accuracy of the “cookie test”.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve identified with the idea that I’m a chocolate chip cookie. (You’re level headed and reliable. People can trust you to make the right choice, and you care about other people, so you’re generally well-liked.  You’re confident in your own skin and comfortable being yourself. You do what you want as long as you’re not being a jerk. Just like the chocolate chip cookie, you’re always invited to the party and don’t need much to be a certified crowd pleaser! Yum.)  I thought this rationale would aid me well in my personal and professional relations.  Because everyone likes me, they must be interested in me and what I have to say. For a career in sales, that confidence can make all the difference. In personal relationships,  it may be a bit delusional.

A friend once told me that I was more like an oatmeal raisin.: You’re traditional and even a bit old-fashioned. You’re not overly adventurous, and prefer to cozy up with a book in front of the fire instead of brave the elements for a good time.

I took multiple online tests with a different result every time!

cookie personality test resuts







chocolate chip cookie result



People say “Be yourself” but what does that really mean?  Even more ambiguous is “Be true to yourself”.  Does this encompass honesty? Honestly, I feel there are days that each result describes me. Self-reflection is healthy but one result won’t apply to every season throughout your life.

You may have been the life of the party and are now ready for a good book. Does that mean you need to “find yourself”? Sounds like you already did.

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