Unplug…and Reconnect with LOVE

Unplug and Reconnect with Love

Do you need to turn the volume down, change your frequency, hit the reset or just unplug? Sometimes we lose track of the mission and get lost in the details. You’ve heard you can’t see the forest for the trees, right? It’s easy to try too hard because you love too hard. It’s also hard to protect and share your heart when your human. Sometimes you just have to unplug….take a step back and change your angle to get a different perspective. You can have all the good intentions you want in the beginning and still lose focus on the mission. 

So before we change angles lets take a personal inventory and see where we are. What isn’t working? What have you tried over and over to exhaustion only to find out, it’s not working? What came to mind when we started this show? Where do you need to unplug?

It’s hard to admit you may need to give in and change your approach. Most of us feel like the control is within is to make something happen or make someone see our point of view.  “If I could just say it differently if I could just show them how…” The word powerless is a difficult word to say and accept. No one wants to admit they can’t do something and that they are powerless. But sometimes, it needs to come to that before you can make a change. 

Why do you think the first step in any 12 step program is to admit you are powerless? We admit we are powerless and that our life has become unmanageable.  Only after admitting you are powerless can you begin to make changes in yourself. You have to give up the illusion of power.

It is not difficult to overestimate the amount of control we have over our lives. Unfortunately, many cannot shatter that illusion until they hit rock bottom and are confronted with undeniable proof that everything is not okay. 

Many people resist the term powerlessness because it contradicts much of what we have been taught. Believing you can do anything and fix everything if you just try harder and want it enough is instilled in us at an early age. The truth is we cannot do or fix everything, regardless of how hard we try or how much we want it. We cannot control the weather, war, illness, or other people.

Step 1 can be applied to all areas of your life and isn’t just the start of recovery. Even if the word “powerless” may not describe every situation, you can admit that you don’t have all the answers and you might to seek an expert and try another approach. Can we all get there? 

What about the person who can’t get off the couch, or out the door. The person who spends all their resources, time, and energy caring about and for others. I meet these people all the time. The ones who are exhausted, depleted, overwhelmed, and out of ideas. The ones who wouldn’t know what they needed or even liked if you gave them ample time to answer. They are so far down on their priority list that it might as well be the fine print. It’s difficult to convince this person that their suffering is their choice and that unplugging to give themselves a little self-care is critical. 

So if that’s you or you know someone who fits that description, have patience. You can talk till you are blue in the face but they have to see the problem to see the solution. 

What a freeing feeling, to let go of the control you believe you have over other people and activate your power in your own life. 

After you’ve completed your personal inventory (which by the way isn’t a one-time thing.) Why don’t you try reconnecting with LOVE for yourself, your gifts, your smile, your patience, your creativity, and your heart…..

These qualities are what makes you, YOU and when you look at the needs of the world, the REAL needs, there is a place to use these gifts where they will be :







When you reconnect with your purpose driving your passion, life is in balance. When you keep your connections healthy and unattached, love and respect are mutual. 

When you allow yourself room to grow and space to evolve, self-discovery is an exciting journey.

CHALLENGE: fuel your fire, shine your light, share your spirit, but make sure you find a place where that effort can grow and truly make an impact. Unplug and shift your position to get a better perspective and protect your heart. LOVE IS THE ANSWER!

I know YOU can do it!

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