Self-Acceptance, Embracing YOU

Self Acceptance

Why are we our own worst critics? Why are we so hard on ourselves and each other?

It’s ok to push yourself to learn more, be healthier, love harder etc but at some point, we have to be happy with who we are. We have to learn to love ourselves even during the process.

According to Wikipedia: selfacceptance is an individual’s satisfaction or happiness with oneself, and is thought to be necessary for good mental health. Selfacceptance involves self-understanding, a realistic, albeit subjective, awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths are harder to identify than weaknesses for some but let’s start the process now. Even if you’ve never told anyone or feel weird saying it out loud. What is one thing you actually like and value about yourself? Just like a house starts with a solid foundation so too does your self-acceptance. Ultimately, liking ourselves more (or getting on better terms with ourselves) is mostly to do with self-acceptance. And it’s only when we stop judging ourselves that we can secure a more positive sense of who we are.

Mel Robbins says: The more you practice self-acceptance, the more you’ll realize the only person you ever needed is you.

What can you do to build a bond with yourself, develop trust so that you can start loving yourself:

1. Be willing to accept. It’s finally time to get to the root of the feelings you’ve been carrying around. Everyone says “get over it” but first you may need to understand it, accept responsibility, and then make peace.

2. Be willing to learn. You are never too old or too set in your ways to see a new perspective. Limiting beliefs may have you trapped believing something you’ve always heard but isn’t true.

3. Be willing to listen. When you open your heart and mind and seek new understanding about yourself, you need to find patience and listen for the answer.

4. Be willing to move. Move out of your comfort zone where being down on yourself is common practice. Take a compliment and give yourself many. Start your day with self-praise and a smile.

5. Be willing to grow. As you start loving and accepting yourself your confidence will grow. Be open to new relationships, friendships, opportunities, and find a reason to share this love with others.

CHALLENGE: So I challenge you to use this momentum to start building on your self-acceptance foundation by uncovering another characteristic you value about yourself. Be your own #1 fan and start your day with a positive pep-talk. When self-doubt and negativity creep in, say NO, not today – today I’m accepting myself just like I am.

I know YOU can do it!

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