Generating Joy – A Feeling You Can Create

Generating Joy A Feeling You Can Create


On this show….we talked about JOY, one of my favorite subjects. Now, you don’t have to be brimming with joy to participate. That’s just it, we are talking about generating joy. This is something you can actually take control of and make happen yourself. You have the power to be joyful. But harnessing your power and generating joy aren’t the only things we will be discussing, we are going to uncover the benefits of sharing this with others. Your joy and the secret to generating their own.

We talked about why it’s important to strive for a joyful feeling and what it can do to your body.

Carrie Murphy wrote an article on this for Healthline – How Joy Affects Your Body. 

On a scientific level, we feel joy in our neurotransmitters, which are tiny chemical “messenger” cells that transmit signals between neurons (nerves) and other bodily cells. Those neurotransmitters are responsible for processes and feelings in almost every aspect of the body, from blood flow to digestion.

Benefits of feeling more joy:

  • promotes a healthier lifestyle
  • boosts immune system
  • fights stress and pain
  • supports longevity

Here are all the ways happiness runs throughout your body.

  1. Your brain
  2. Your circulatory system
  3. Your autonomic nervous system

Did you know that you can even fake a smile to generate joy: “Smiling can trick your brain by elevating your mood, lowering your heart rate, and reducing your stress. The smile doesn’t have to be based on real emotion because faking it works as well.” — Dr. Samuel

You might believe happy people full of joy are people without any problems. They don’t suffer from health issues, financial issues, or relationship issues. They have it all together just running through a field of flowers chasing rainbows. But that isn’t true. Generating and activating joy in your life is a choice. Not being trapped by the negative pressures and the challenges of life is a choice. 

Have you heard of the “Happy Place”? Someone might say to you, “Go to your Happy Place”. This can be more than a metaphor and become an actual place for you, in your mind. A refuge where you are reminded of happy thoughts and feelings to transport you to a healthier state of mind. With a little practice, you can use this escape at will.  (We did a visualization exercise with journaling to conjure up your happy place and use it to transport yourself into an executive state of mind

We talked about rumination and how negative thoughts can prevent you from finding and using your “Happy Place”. Zawn Villines for Medical News Today – How to Stop Ruminating Thoughts

  • Here are some ways to stop these thoughts:
  • Avoid rumination triggers
  • Spend time in nature
  • Exercise
  • Find a Distraction
  • Push back with Interrogation
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Meditation

Consider collecting all these ideas for the ability to give yourself a “joy injection” whenever you need one. Feeling down today, don’t wait for someone to come along and pick up the pieces. YOU have the power to take control and generate joy. No longer should you succumb to sadness or a feeling of hopelessness. YOU have the power to generate joy.  Be a light, a city on a hill. We are all attracted to a beautiful spirit that gives us hope. Before you allow negativity to block your joy and dim your light, climb up to that higher vantage point and be a city on a hill. One without obstruction that guides others to joy. 

CHALLENGE: Don’t accept sadness as a stage of life. Push back and harness your power to generate joy. Create guides to help you find your Happy Place and share that feeling with others. Shine your light bright enough for others to follow. 

I Know YOU Can Do It!

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