Framing Your Stress

5-Steps to stop spinning

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? I guess I should rephrase that, how many times in a day or a week DO you feel overwhelmed? It can come out of nowhere and pick you up from a normal day. Before you know it, you’re swirling around in the eye of a stress tornado! You are “spinning”. One simple task turned into an unmeasurable amount of stress and now you don’t even know where to start….you’re stuck!

RELAX – it could be as simple as 5 steps to re-center yourself and put things back into perspective. Give it a try and leave your comments below.

#1 FRAME the stress. What is “it”. Bring the tornado to a halt by remembering the source of it all.

#2 FOCUS on your heart. Close your eyes and put your hand on your heart, breath deep and push all your energy to the muscles around your heart.

#3 VISUALIZE your happy place. This could be an actual place or an event where you felt relaxed and joyful.

#4 ASK “what else?” What else could you have done or what else could you do to accomplish “it”.

#5 LISTEN and reflect. Listen to your heart and be patient, the answer will come.

Freeze Frame Stress Relief


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