Exercising Your Authority

Exercising Your Authority

Would you say you just “go with the flow”….handling what every life throws your way? Are you in charge or are you letting fate dictate your next move?

Let’s evaluate your current situation and ask yourself this question, “Who is responsible?” Are you struggling with missed opportunities or a bad hand because of something you did? Or is life handing you the lemons?

Some of us are stuck in the role of the victim, blaming everything and everyone but ourselves for what is and what is not happening for us. In psychology, this is known as the self-serving bias and refers to people’s tendencies to attribute successes to internal factors and failures to external ones. By doing that, we get a comfortable way out of taking responsibility for our own situation.

Once you accept responsibility it’s time to take action. You are going to have to speak up. Not just to your family, friends, or the universe but to yourself. It’s time to have a heart to heart. “What are you waiting for self?” “It’s time we get it together and push over the hump” It’s GO TIME!!”

Start with those affirmations and then add to them when you need a positive kick in the pants. An affirmation is really anything you say or think. A lot of what we normally say and think is quite negative and doesn’t create good experiences for us. We have to retrain our thinking and speaking into positive patterns if we want to change our lives. In essence, you’re saying to your subconscious mind: “I am taking responsibility. I am aware that there is something I can do to change.”

The brain doesn’t communicate in future or past-tense. Everything that happens is happening in the moment for your brain. So this has to be a daily pep talk. Use language like I WILL instead of I COULD. It’s time you take charge and you can’t exercise authority if you are using passive language.

Your new found power can be asserted over any situation. It doesn’t have to be life-altering involving a major move. It could be finding an extra moment to yourself – take it, then demand more. It could be a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try – step out of your comfort zone and give it a try, then try it again. Things get easier and more fun with practice. Maybe it’s a new job or going back to school – what are you waiting for, search for the opportunity and put your hat in the ring – every day you don’t is a day you’ve lost.

Challenge: So I challenge you to take responsibility, find your voice, direct your focus, and SPEAK UP. You have the power to make it happened and NO ONE wants “it” more than you.

I know YOU can do it!

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